The revision of the alpha-enhanced section of the BaSTI library has been now completed. Users are invited to download the updated set of stellar models and isochrones. Together with the revision of the stellar models and isochrones, we have worked on the bolometric correction (BC) tables to improve the match between BCs based on different libraries of spectra (see Hidalgo et al. 2018 and Pietrinferni et al. 2021 for more details). The change of the criteria adopted to match the different BCs does not impact the shape/morphology of our isochrones for metallicities lower than about [Fe/H]=-0.70; on the other hand, in the more metal rich regime this change affects both the isochrones' lower MS and the RGB location and slope.
We have extended the coverage of photometric systems by adding the broad band filters u, g, r, i, z, and the narrow band filter CaHK of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope system.

We have also added magnitudes in the narrow band F395N filter of the WFC3 UVIS system.

the BaSTI Team