a Bag of Stellar Tracks and Isochrones


01/12/2023 - Bolometric corrections have been updated. New tracks/hb/isochrones for alpha-depleted heavy element mixture have been added.

01/01/2021 - Bolometric corrections have been updated. We have recomputed the BC in order to show the proper inclination of the RGB for metallicities [Fe/H] >= - 0.3. Lower metallicities are not affected.

22/10/2021 - Due to a mixture of tracks with and without atomic diffusion on this website, alpha-enhaced section is not available for now. We are working in these to bring it back as soon as possible.

21/12/2020 - Added pre-computed isochrones and tracks for all available bands.

04/12/2020 - Added pre-computed HB models for all available bands.

03/12/2020 - Added new BC for GAIA-DR3 bands.

30/11/2020 - Added alpha-enhanced tracks, HB models, and isochrones.

26/02/2020 - Changed the BC for Johnson-Cousins, Gaia DR1, Gaia DR2, Sloan, Stroemgren, Tycho, UVIT, VISTA, and WISE. Please download them again if you have used before. The BC for the other photometric systems are not affected.

30/08/2019 - Added new BC for UVIT.

27/03/2019 - Added new BC for Tycho and Hipparcos (both under Tycho photometric system).

21/03/2019 - Fixed an issue in the bolometric corrections for WFPC2 affecting sub-solar metallicities at Teff <~ 3700 .

21/03/2019 - Fixed an issue in the bolometric corrections for Gaia-DR2 affecting solar and super solar metallicities at high Teff.

21/03/2019 - Fixed an issue in tracks for solar metallicity that affected to the Main-Sequence. Please, download again if you have used it.

19/10/2018 - Fixed an issue in the header of Stromgren BC: b and v headers were swapped

18/10/2018 - Kepler BC is now available.

25/09/2018 - Added interpolation in metallicity for tracks and isochrones.

25/09/2018 - In the Asteroseismology section, the frequencies and globals properties can be now downloaded as a single tar.gz file containing all the metallicities for a specific grid.

30/07/2018 - Added new BC for GAIA-DR2. Previous GAIA BC are now called GAIA-DR1

04/07/2018 - Added pre-compiled isochrones.

01/07/2018 - Added models for Asteroseismology.

25/03/2018 - Added a new metallicity, [Fe/H]=-0.08, to the grid of models.

22/03/2018 - The bolometric corrections for all photometric systems have been updated in order to fix an issue in the previous version.
If you have downloaded evolutionary tracks/isochrones in any photometric systems before this date, please download it again.
We apologize for this problem.