a Bag of Stellar Tracks and Isochrones

Synthetic CMD

User ID

ID access provided by the BaSTI team

Heavy element mixture

Available grids

SFH inputs


List of ages (Myr, older ages first). Limited to 50 values.

Photometric inputs

Phot. error

Mean photometric error (mag)


List of sfrs (normalized). Same number of values than age.

Phot. error type


List of [Fe/H] (dex). Same number of values than age.

Spec. error

Mean spectroscopic error (dex). Disabled by now.

Metallicity spread

Sigma for [Fe/H] (dex). Same number of values than age.

Dist. modulus

Distance modulus (mag). Disabled by now.

SFR scale

Scale factor for SFR (max. 2000000). The code will compute this number of stars per bin age, but only alive stars will be saved to the file.

Low mass

Lower mass (in solar masses, lower available: 0.1). Higher mass is fixed to 120 Mo


Provide Fraction of unresolved binaries (e.g. 1/10 --> 0.1)

Mass ratio

Minimum mass ratio for binary systems (upper value 1.0)


IMF (type, exponent). Type: 0=single power law (give exponent); 1=Kroupa, Tout, Gilmore (1993)


Search for variable stars (no:0, yes otherwise)

Spatial pop. depth

Spatial depth of the population. Disabled by now.

random 1

Random number 1


Colour excess E(B-V) (mag). Disabled by now

random 2

Random number 2

Phot. System